Where Truth and Love in Christ make a difference

Trinity Lutheran Church


President:  Ron Brennan

1st Vice President: Bill Evans

2nd Vice President: Judy Rile

Secretary: Pam Brennan

Treasurer: Robert Thomas

Assistant Treasurer: Brian Manning

Pastor Harold Hand

Pastor Chris Rothharpt

Denise Whalen         Andrew Vigoda

William Evans          Judy Thomas  

Linda Maley              Debbie Kocher

Eric Rismiller            Karen Wood

Doug Mullin              Carl Berger

Kylie Stoffregen - Youth Member


Worship and Music: Denise Whalen/Barb Wagner

Finance: Brian Manning /Ron Artz

Staff and Records : Robert Thomas/Naomi Ost

Property :  Andrew Vigoda

Stewardship and Evangelism: Denise Miller

Learning Committee: Judy Rile

Social Ministry: Denise Miller

Kitchen: Cheryl Kephart/Judy Thomas

Youth: Linda Maley

Van : Doug Mullin

Memorials: Bill Evans

Memorial Garden: Eric Rismiller